Why a Great Hotel Pool Makes Your Vacation Awesome

Visitors in search of the best pool in downtown Las Vegas care about having a memorable experience during their trip. Families with children who need to keep busy as well as adults who want access to ideal hotel amenities enjoy features such as a spacious pool deck or indoor water park.

Unusual Features

Having features such as a shark tank adjoining the pool area helps keep things fun and interesting for everybody. Some of the most interesting hotel pools have features that you don’t usually expect to find in this setting, such as waterfalls. A separate area that houses marine animals can also be an exciting feature that guests will look forward to.

Fun for All Ages

A tall water slide is certain to appeal to both kids and kids at heart. Access to one of these slides can help keep children happy for hours on end. Adults who have a thirst for adventure will also enjoy taking part in the fun. Even kids who aren’t sure about going on a slide will enjoy access to a bigger, indoor pool that also offers the chance to grab a quick snack or meal before heading back to the hotel room.

Always Good to Keep in Mind

When you’re traveling to Las Vegas, hotel amenities will likely play a major role in your decision about accommodations. Having an indoor pool that you can enjoy after a busy day is a nice treat to keep in mind.

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2 thoughts on “Why a Great Hotel Pool Makes Your Vacation Awesome”

  1. Just found out slide and Shark tank closed and will be closed our entire visit, we picked the Gold Nugget for its pool feature… I also understand there is construction going on in the pool area… truly not what I was planning on for our 30 Anniversary! Very dissatisfied! Will be calling!

    1. I apologize about this inconvenience. Our slide will reopen in May 22. Hopefully you can join us again.

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