downtown casinos in Las Vegas

Unique Shopping Adventures in Las Vegas

When people come to Sin City, they do not spend all of their time in the downtown casinos in Las Vegas. The city is filled with a variety of attractions and dining options, and visitors desiring to do some shopping find a wide selection of boutique and brand-name stores. However, the unique metropolis also has some shops off the beaten path that appeal to a diverse group of people.

Zombie Preparedness

downtown casinos in Las Vegas

To some people, zombies are as fictional as vampires and werewolves. To others, zombies represent a threat to human civilization. The Zombie Apocalypse Store appeals to all opinions on the subject. The store carries a variety of survival supplies from emergency food rations and bug-out bags to weaponry. On the whimsical side, a special gallery enables guests to learn the art of knife throwing for self-defense against the undead. On weekends, visitors also have the chance to engage in zombie warfare using paintball guns. There is a special seating area where customers can watch zombie movies projected on a big screen.

Revisit Childhood

The minute visitors step through the doorway of Rogue Toys, they are immediately reunited with childhood memories. Rogue Toys carries all types of collectible and vintage toys along with a large selection of retro video games. Guests have a great time locating and playing with their favorites. The venue also buys and collects toys to add to their inventory. The shop offers to help clients find toys and hosts collector’s club meetings. The store became so popular that the owners now have two locations.

Buy a Piece of the Desert

Anyone desiring to find a desert-themed gift or souvenir needs to head out to the desert to Cactus Joe’s Nursery. Just 20 minutes outside of Sin City, the venue features a large selection of agave, cacti, ocotillo, succulents, native Nevada plants and Joshua trees. The unique location additionally sells gemstones, pottery, rocks, sculptures and wooden furniture. Along with nursery plants and garden decorations, the site features Asian and Western-themed gardens, Joshua and Petrified forests and a massive labyrinth.

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