Scents That Can Ease Stress After a Long Day in Vegas

Pleasant Scents That Can Relax Your Mind in Vegas

According to scientists, there are many scents that can benefit a typical traveler after a long day in Las Vegas. By filling your suite with any of these scents, you’ll feel better as you rest between seeing different attractions.


If you need help sleeping peacefully throughout the night in Vegas in one of the hotels on Fremont Street, a lavender scent can help. Lavender produces a relaxing aroma that can effectively treat insomnia. You can take advantage of this plant’s calming properties by spraying a lavender-scented product onto your sheets or into the air.


Pine is a great scent that can eliminate stress and anxiety. According to a study in Japan, several participants experienced decreased stress levels after walking through a forest, so a pine-scented product can help you unwind before or after a long business presentation in Vegas.

Food Scents

Citrus scents can give you an energy boost, which is why you may want to request fruits when while ordering breakfast. The scent of an orange or lemon can make you more alert. This means that a glass of juice can benefit you throughout trips around Las Vegas.

During lunch, consider ordering a dessert that’s made with vanilla flavoring. Vanilla can make you feel better on a hot day by elevating your mood. A study was done by a group of skilled scientists who tested various subjects with vanilla beans. All of the results were measured with mood mapping equipment. According to the reports, the scent of vanilla can lead to relaxation, happiness and joy.

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