hotels on Fremont Street

Fremont Street Entertainment District

Constructed in 1905, the avenue was the first and main street of the now famous gambling city. However, with the development of the Las Vegas Strip, luxurious hotels complete with mesmerizing attractions took center stage over the historic street. During 2002, the city, determined to return the popularity of the original downtown boulevard, created the Fremont East Entertainment District. Today, along with the many hotels on Fremont Street, visitors once again frequent the now pedestrianized location with its host of special features.

The Fremont Street Experience


The Viva Vision light and music show remains one of the most unique and memorable attractions on the avenue. A barrel-shaped canopy rises 90 feet above ground level and spans an impressive 1,500 feet in length, which provides shade from the heat of the Nevada sun during the day. However, at night, the canopy lights up with more than 12 million LED lights. Every hour, the canopy presents an amazing display of animated psychedelic patterns, images, and videos that are strategically synced to a 550,000-watt sound system.

Zip Lines

Slotzilla 2

The SlotZilla zip lines appeal to anyone with a need for speed and bit of excitement. Four lines begin at the planet’s largest slot machine, enabling guests to careen downward at speeds between 25 and 40 miles per hour. The zip lines rise 77 feet into the air and take passengers down to the promenade between the Fremont and Four Queens casinos. The adrenaline-pumping Zoomlines rise 114 feet into the air and travel 1,750 feet toward the landing platform stationed at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

The Shark Tank


While all Las Vegas hotels feature lavishly landscaped outdoor swimming pools and water features, the Shark Tank pool at the Golden Nugget is in a class all its own. The tri-level structure has two pools. The ground-level oval pool contains a centrally located 200,000 exotic fish tank filled with more than 300 species of marine animals that include five species of sharks. In addition to the two-story infinity pool on the top level, guests can enjoy an enclosed water slide that travels downward through the fish tank and into the oval pool.

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