Shoes That Increase Comfort While Walking Along Fremont Street

A good walking shoe can prevent painful calluses and blisters. Wise travelers always wear proper sneakers during each walking trip. Here are some tips for selecting a good pair of walking shoes for your trip to Las Vegas.

Important Features

Whether you’re going to buy shoes in your city or at a store near the hotels on Fremont Street, you must consider a few key things during the shopping process. For example, if you usually feel stress around your Achilles tendon, you’ll need a shoe that has a comfortable Achilles notch. To prevent swelling around your ankles, ensure that the sneaker has a well-designed ankle collar.

The upper components, insole, mid-sole and outsole are probably the most important features to consider. All of the upper components keep the shoe properly secured during lengthy strolls. Many shoes have lining material that’s made of synthetic material, leather or mesh. If you’re going to walk to different destinations in Vegas during the day, choose a shoe with mesh components that will provide ventilation. You’ll need good ventilation because heat can cause odors within a shoe. However, if you buy sneakers with removable insoles, you can launder them at the end of each day. The outsole and mid-sole in a shoe can’t be removed, but they still offer great benefits. An efficient mid-sole provides shock absorption and cushioning, and a great outsole generates traction.

Strategic Advice

Because most shoe stores in Vegas have many different footwear options, the process of picking an ideal product can be somewhat challenging. To buy the best shoe that’s designed for your feet, you must consider your arch. If you have neutral-arched feet, you’ll need shoes that have firm mid-soles. These shoes will give you good stability as you walk around Vegas. Flat or low-arched feet can cause joint pain following long walks. A shoe with motion control can prevent discomfort. Excessive joint pain usually affects travelers who have high-arched feet. Heavily cushioned shoes solve this problem by reducing the impact that occurs while walking.

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The Best Features of Downtown Casinos

Quick Facts About Vegas’ Downtown Casinos

Downtown casinos in Las Vegas offer more than just a gambling trip. The casinos located downtown provide everything that you need for an exciting vacation. With top-rated hotel facilities available, you’ll have everything you need for your trip to be full of fun.

Great Gaming Action

Gambling is one of the top reasons for going on a Las Vegas vacation, and gaming enthusiasts won’t be disappointed. You’ll find a lot of non-stop action that includes both table games and slots for even more enjoyment. With rewards programs designed to entice regular players, you’ll get a lot out of your experience.

Other Great Amenities

The casino resorts also offer access to extras like live shows and upscale dining. If you want to pamper yourself during your trip, consider a trip to the spa or a refreshing dip in the pool. Staying in Vegas doesn’t have to be strictly about adult fun, either; there are interesting amenities for the younger set like aquarium attractions or arcades that will keep them busy while everyone else tries to win something.

Get Out and About

You won’t want to forget about nearby attractions when you visit one of the casino properties in the downtown area. The downtown location makes it easy for you to explore the various attractions that are only a short walk or drive away. In addition to gambling, shows and similar types of attractions, you’ll find that there are plenty of museums and shopping opportunities to help round out your trip.

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Scents That Can Ease Stress After a Long Day in Vegas

Pleasant Scents That Can Relax Your Mind in Vegas

According to scientists, there are many scents that can benefit a typical traveler after a long day in Las Vegas. By filling your suite with any of these scents, you’ll feel better as you rest between seeing different attractions.


If you need help sleeping peacefully throughout the night in Vegas in one of the hotels on Fremont Street, a lavender scent can help. Lavender produces a relaxing aroma that can effectively treat insomnia. You can take advantage of this plant’s calming properties by spraying a lavender-scented product onto your sheets or into the air.


Pine is a great scent that can eliminate stress and anxiety. According to a study in Japan, several participants experienced decreased stress levels after walking through a forest, so a pine-scented product can help you unwind before or after a long business presentation in Vegas.

Food Scents

Citrus scents can give you an energy boost, which is why you may want to request fruits when while ordering breakfast. The scent of an orange or lemon can make you more alert. This means that a glass of juice can benefit you throughout trips around Las Vegas.

During lunch, consider ordering a dessert that’s made with vanilla flavoring. Vanilla can make you feel better on a hot day by elevating your mood. A study was done by a group of skilled scientists who tested various subjects with vanilla beans. All of the results were measured with mood mapping equipment. According to the reports, the scent of vanilla can lead to relaxation, happiness and joy.

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