Three Hotel Amenities That You Didn’t Know to Ask For

When you are staying in beautiful hotel suites in Las Vegas, some extra amenities can go a long way in ensuring your comfort. You might not have even realized that many of these amenities are available to you. The best way to secure these amenities is to ask at the front desk while you are checking into your hotel suite.



The size and amount of items that you can carry on a plane is strictly limited, especially when it comes to liquids such as toiletries. If you were unable to pack your mouthwash or you forgot to pack toothpaste, stop at the hotel’s front desk. The hotel staff may be able to provide you with toiletries ranging from a disposable razor and shaving cream to toothpaste and a toothbrush to keep you looking good during your visit.

Extra and Specialty Pillows


If you are a stomach sleeper or you need a U-shaped pillow due to chronic pain, the hotel’s housekeeping staff or front desk may be able to provide you with special pillows to increase your comfort. If you need an extra-long pillow or just a few more pillows than what you have, the hotel’s staff will get them for you. If you prefer a down or a synthetic pillow and your hotel suite is outfitted with the wrong kind, the staff should be able to switch them out for you.

Exercise Equipment


Although most hotels have a fitness room with treadmills, free weights and elliptical trainers, these might not be your cup of tea. Perhaps you prefer to do yoga or another type of exercise. The front desk or fitness room manager may be able to provide you with amenities such as a yoga mat or resistance bands that you can use while staying in a hotel suite.

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