Fremont Street Entertainment District

Constructed in 1905, the avenue was the first and main street of the now famous gambling city. However, with the development of the Las Vegas Strip, luxurious hotels complete with mesmerizing attractions took center stage over the historic street. During 2002, the city, determined to return the popularity of the original downtown boulevard, created the Fremont East Entertainment District. Today, along with the many hotels on Fremont Street, visitors once again frequent the now pedestrianized location with its host of special features.

The Fremont Street Experience


The Viva Vision light and music show remains one of the most unique and memorable attractions on the avenue. A barrel-shaped canopy rises 90 feet above ground level and spans an impressive 1,500 feet in length, which provides shade from the heat of the Nevada sun during the day. However, at night, the canopy lights up with more than 12 million LED lights. Every hour, the canopy presents an amazing display of animated psychedelic patterns, images, and videos that are strategically synced to a 550,000-watt sound system.

Zip Lines

Slotzilla 2

The SlotZilla zip lines appeal to anyone with a need for speed and bit of excitement. Four lines begin at the planet’s largest slot machine, enabling guests to careen downward at speeds between 25 and 40 miles per hour. The zip lines rise 77 feet into the air and take passengers down to the promenade between the Fremont and Four Queens casinos. The adrenaline-pumping Zoomlines rise 114 feet into the air and travel 1,750 feet toward the landing platform stationed at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

The Shark Tank


While all Las Vegas hotels feature lavishly landscaped outdoor swimming pools and water features, the Shark Tank pool at the Golden Nugget is in a class all its own. The tri-level structure has two pools. The ground-level oval pool contains a centrally located 200,000 exotic fish tank filled with more than 300 species of marine animals that include five species of sharks. In addition to the two-story infinity pool on the top level, guests can enjoy an enclosed water slide that travels downward through the fish tank and into the oval pool.

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Have a Great Holiday Adventure in Vegas

The best downtown casinos in Las Vegas offer a lot of excitement for people in search of a great getaway option. With holidays in Las Vegas offering a lot of exciting shows and other events, you’ll have a fun time. Take advantage of entertainment and casino options while you stay in some of the most comfortable rooms in the downtown area.

Endless Entertainment Options

FSE Concert Crowd

Casino entertainment in Vegas is among some of the best in the world. Live concerts introduce many visitors to new acts that they might not have heard about otherwise. There are also regular headline acts, including some of the top country and pop artists. During the holiday season, many artists perform special Christmas and holiday music that’s certain to entertain all visitors.

Treat Yourself


Rooms at downtown casinos with stay-and-play options offer several packages and comfortable amenities that make staying in the hotel a treat. Spa facilities are a good way for guests to pamper themselves before a big show or enjoying an exciting night on the casino floor. The restaurant options also offer something for everyone, from buffets that allow you to sample a bit of everything to high-end steakhouses and other restaurants.

A Memorable Trip


Regardless of whether your holiday plans include taking in Las Vegas shows, enjoying lots of casino play or heading out to fun attractions, you’ll enjoy your time spent at Las Vegas casino resorts. Getting out to Vegas for a holiday is a good way to make sure your vacation is unique and memorable.

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How to Plan a Resort Wedding in Downtown Las Vegas

In recent years, Las Vegas has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the U.S., which means many couples are looking for more than a drive-by chapel with an Elvis impersonator. If you are looking for a classic but affordable Sin City wedding, it’s a good idea to shop around at the downtown casinos in Las Vegas. Many of these resorts offer affordable and inclusive wedding packages, so here’s three tips on what to look for when you are planning your dream wedding in Las Vegas.

An Affordable Price


In today’s high-priced world, it’s easy to spend a few thousand dollars on the wedding cake alone, which is one of the reasons a Las Vegas resort wedding is so affordable. Many downtown casinos have packages that start at a few hundred dollars that include a beautiful venue, seating arrangements, and a minister to officiate the ceremony.

Exceptional Service


Another wedding planning headache is finding the right people to assist with your ceremony. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the downtown Las Vegas casinos will provide world class service during your wedding and reception. Many resorts even have wedding consultants on hand who can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Also, look for spa and/or salon services so that you and your bridal party will be refreshed and look your best for the ceremony.

An Unforgettable Honeymoon


Once you and the love of your life have tied the knot and cut the cake, it’s time for a romantic honeymoon in Vegas. Las Vegas wedding packages usually include a bridal suite, and you will also have access to many amenities at the casino of your choice such as world-class cuisine, luxury shopping destinations, and live entertainment.

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Staying Cool in Las Vegas

Being in the middle of one of the country’s largest deserts means that the summer heat in Las Vegas is sweltering. Triple-digit temperatures are common and often do not dip below 110 until school starts again. In addition to dressing appropriately, hydrating and staying out of the direct sunlight, there are a number of activities and locations throughout the area that offer some relief.

Frozen Treat Indulgences

With respect to the heat, ice cream shops abound in the city. Ice cream cones, fancy sundaes and other frozen confections are plentiful, and different locations all boast specialties. Forget about the calories and visit one of the many spots that offer custard, gelato, ice cream or shaved ice. One location along iconic Fremont Street creates sundaes containing up to six scoops of ice cream. The expansive canopy along the avenue also provides welcome shade.

Venture to the Arctic

One popular casino provides guests with a chance to imagine being in Russia or Scandinavia in the midst of winter. After donning a parka and gloves, guests enter the bar where everything is crafted from blocks of ice and the temperature remains around zero degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The walls, bar, bar stools and artistic carvings are all made from frozen H2O. While the location serves any number of cocktails, the popular drink by the glass or bottle is vodka.

Take a Dip

Many hotels in Las Vegas feature inviting and refreshing swimming pools. Some are located outdoors while some are indoors, and each boasts special attractions that include exotic aquariums, infinity pools, tropical destinations or water park themes. Lounge and daybed seating are readily available along with poolside wait service. Perhaps relax and cool off in style in one of the private and sheltered cabanas that additionally include flat-screen TVs, refrigerators, expansive seating and a personal waiter. Visitors need merely choose The Tank as the best pool in downtown Las Vegas.

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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Returns to the Golden Nugget

Giddy up to downtown Las Vegas for another year of rodeo fun. The Wrangler National Finals rodeo returns to Golden Nugget Las Vegas December 1 – 9. Here’s what’s going on in downtown Las Vegas casinos.

Downtown HoeDown – Fremont Street Experience

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Concert Series

December 1 – 9

10 p.m. – The Grand Event Center

1 – Terri Clark  nfr-2016-terri

2 & 3 – Lynyrd Skynyrd


4 -Tanya Tucker


5 – Brenda Lee


6 – Charlie Daniels Band


7 – 38 Special


8 – A Wynonna & The Big Noise Christmas


9 – Trace Adkins


Barrel Racers Autograph Session

December 6 – 12 p.m. – 1p.m.

The Grand Foyer


Meet and greet with the biggest names in barrel racing at the Golden Nugget’s exclusive autograph session.

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Unique Shopping Adventures in Las Vegas

When people come to Sin City, they do not spend all of their time in the downtown casinos in Las Vegas. The city is filled with a variety of attractions and dining options, and visitors desiring to do some shopping find a wide selection of boutique and brand-name stores. However, the unique metropolis also has some shops off the beaten path that appeal to a diverse group of people.

Zombie Preparedness

downtown casinos in Las Vegas

To some people, zombies are as fictional as vampires and werewolves. To others, zombies represent a threat to human civilization. The Zombie Apocalypse Store appeals to all opinions on the subject. The store carries a variety of survival supplies from emergency food rations and bug-out bags to weaponry. On the whimsical side, a special gallery enables guests to learn the art of knife throwing for self-defense against the undead. On weekends, visitors also have the chance to engage in zombie warfare using paintball guns. There is a special seating area where customers can watch zombie movies projected on a big screen.

Revisit Childhood

The minute visitors step through the doorway of Rogue Toys, they are immediately reunited with childhood memories. Rogue Toys carries all types of collectible and vintage toys along with a large selection of retro video games. Guests have a great time locating and playing with their favorites. The venue also buys and collects toys to add to their inventory. The shop offers to help clients find toys and hosts collector’s club meetings. The store became so popular that the owners now have two locations.

Buy a Piece of the Desert

Anyone desiring to find a desert-themed gift or souvenir needs to head out to the desert to Cactus Joe’s Nursery. Just 20 minutes outside of Sin City, the venue features a large selection of agave, cacti, ocotillo, succulents, native Nevada plants and Joshua trees. The unique location additionally sells gemstones, pottery, rocks, sculptures and wooden furniture. Along with nursery plants and garden decorations, the site features Asian and Western-themed gardens, Joshua and Petrified forests and a massive labyrinth.

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Adventure Off the Las Vegas Strip

The array of brightly lit neon signs and luxurious hotels and casinos attract millions of visitors each year for the chance to try their luck at the gaming tables and slot machines. Many people come to Las Vegas to see elaborate live shows that often feature celebrity entertainment. However, beyond the glitz and glamor of Fremont Street, the Strip, and luxurious hotel suites in Las Vegas are many equally interesting attractions waiting to be explored.

Play Retro Games

Reminisce about yesteryear while visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame. Part museum, part game room, this facility contains hundreds of iconic games on arcade and pinball machines from the ’50s to the ’90s. There is no cover charge to get in on the fun. However, playing costs a quarter for the oldest games and up to $0.50 for the newer ones.

Explore the Dark Side of Vegas

A trip to the downtown Mob Museum provides visitors with little-known information concerning the criminal activity that not only occurred in Sin City but across the planet. The compelling destination has three floors of fascinating history boasting personal items that once belonged to gangsters and relics from historic events. Tours include virtual guides provided by celebrity actors who portray mobsters along with costumed staff who, together, bring the iconic era to life. Guests also have the chance to test their shooting skills and relax while enjoying classic gangster films.

Eldorado Canyon

The canyon is situated a mere 45 minutes from the Strip. Along with the nearby Black Canyon and Colorado River, this destination was once part of the gold rush. The area was also notorious for feuds and battles. The Techatticup Mine offers tours of a site that was active from 1861 to 1942. While walking through the mine, guests have the chance to see how miners determined the locations that held the precious metal and labor-intensive equipment and methods used to extract the mineral. The site additionally features authentic movie backdrops, which provide the chance to take amusing selfies. Consider renting a canoe or kayak to see the spectacular scenery from the perspective of the Colorado River.

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