In The Heart of The Action, Why Pick a Fremont Street Hotel?

Planning a Vegas Vacation? Downtown Las Vegas is place to be! Here’s why you should make downtown your destination.

Old Las Vegas Feel


Downtown Las Vegas has been around for a while and knows what tourists are looking for. Cheap drinks, good food and the time of their lives. Whether you’re hoping to be transported back to 1946 or looking for a modern spot for the night, casinos in downtown Las Vegas have it all – Gaming, Dining, Entertainment.


Vic and Anthonys Steak

Who wants to take a half hour cab ride through traffic just to go to a great restaurant? Hotels in downtown Las Vegas offer delectable dinning experiences  such as award winning steaks from Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse and Oscar’s or succulent seafood from Chart House and Red Sushi. And the best part, each property is just steps away from your hotel room.



Walk out any front door of casinos in downtown Las Vegas and dive into live entertainment. The Fremont Street Experience hosts five stages filled with FREE nightly entertainment. If you’re looking for a showroom experience, checkout Gordie Brown, 52 Fridays Concert Series, Marriage Can Be Murder and The Smith Center.

Modern Businesses

fremont east 2

Downtown Las Vegas isn’t just old slot machines and table games. The Fremont East District is home to dozens of restaurants, bars, lounges and locally owned shops. Checkout Container Park, Bocho, Le Thai and La Comida on your next visit.

Affordable Suites

Looking for that two story suite that will blow away all of your past vacations? Head to the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. The Spa Tower suite comes equipped with a spiral staircase, wet bar, steam shower and a full living room! This bad boy starts at $500 a night and can compare to all luxury suites the Las Vegas strip offers.



Need a rest from the early morning happy hours? Slide through the 200,000 gallon shark tank aquarium at the Golden Nugget. Learn about the original gangsters of Las Vegas at the Mob Museum. Or, soar through the air on the Slotzilla Zipline.


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How to Sleep Better in a Hotel

Sleep and Las Vegas don’t seem to go together. Many visitors travel to Las Vegas hoping to pull several all nighters and refuse to miss out on any of the action. Others, however, are hoping for a fun and relaxing vacation. Here are a few tips to help whichever type of guest you are get some much needed Z’s.

Bring Something From Home


Bring a small travel pillow or blanket that helps give your hotel room a personal touch. Although downtown Las Vegas hotels like the Golden Nugget are known for exceptional pillows, mattresses and luxury, a little piece of home will help you sleep like a baby.

Request a High Floor


Vegas is known for great views. Asking for a higher floor guarantees you won’t just see parking garage but will have breath taking views of the city. And if you’re hope for piece and quite, you’ll also avoid  noise from party animals on the Fremont Street Experience.

Splurge on Bedtime Drinks


Whether you’re the wine or herbal tea drinker, splurging on a fancy drink before bed is just what you need. Try a high quality glass of wine from Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse or Grotto Italian Ristorante. Golden Nugget also has two Starbucks on property chalked full of every tea you can imagine.

Take Late Night Hot Tub Breaks


Relax sore muscles from a day of high action gaming and Vegas fun with a dip in the hot tub. Golden Nugget‘s 200,000 Shark Tank Aquarium is the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy the view. The hot tub is open until 1 a.m. daily.

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Love In Sin City, Downtown Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Share your big day at one of the most luxurious casinos in downtown Las Vegas. Golden Nugget offers the best and most affordable all-inclusive wedding packages in Las Vegas. Packages start at $399.


Say “I Do” next inside the Tank three-story pool complex.


Tie the knot at the exclusive Hideout Pool Club.


Get the party started with a ceremony at Gold Diggers Night Club.


Keep it traditional and say your vows in the wedding chapel.


Whatever your dream day looks like, Golden Nugget is the ideal hotel in downtown Las Vegas. Contact the wedding consultant at 800.777.4658 or fill out a request here.

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The Invention and Evolution of Casinos

old slot machine

Archaeological evidence suggests that gambling dates back thousands of years. The Chinese documented the practice in 2300 B.C., and there are accounts of the pastime being common among the ancient Greeks and Romans. Games of chance were also enjoyed for thousands of years among Native Americans. In later years, gambling continued during Elizabethan England and among the bourgeois French. However, modern casinos did not emerge until the 17th century.

First Casinos

ancient casino

The first official casino was the Italian Casino di Venezia. Constructed in 1638, the luxuriously elaborate facility is still in operation today. In the United States, casinos had much more humble beginnings as saloons. Brown’s Saloon was the first such establishment. The facility was constructed on the border of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming in 1822 and was popular among miners who frequented the location after a hard day of work. More of these venues began appearing in mining towns.

Primitive but Functional

In honor of #tbt, who knows where you can find this sign? #1946 #boneyard #vegas #gnlv

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Saloons were nothing like the glamorous, modern-day hotels on Fremont Street and the Vegas Strip. Housed in rudimentary wood-framed structures, the old gambling houses were sometimes just bars with tables where card games took place. The businesses were typically owned and operated by a single proprietor. Later, saloons became more popular and developed in river cities while expanding in size and adding new amenities. The modernized facilities eventually emerged in larger cities like Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco and St. Louis, which served as major locations for commerce and trade. These establishments were quite lucrative and enjoyed clientele from across the U.S. and other countries. Along with gambling, upscale saloons offered meals and contained hotel rooms where weary travelers stayed. Some also provided live entertainment in the form of piano players, singers and burlesque shows.

Legislation Problems

Crimes associated with gambling led to restrictive legislation beginning in 1860. Eventually, all gambling was deemed illegal in the United States. However, with the crash of the stock market and the subsequent depression, laws began reversing. By 1931, gambling became legal in Nevada and in Las Vegas in particular. This era began the construction of the elaborate hotel/casino resorts that have since become world-renowned.

For a look into the past, check out this video of Las Vegas, including the iconic Golden Nugget Casino on Fremont Street in 1979!

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