Sneak Peak of our Shark Tank Tours!


Ever wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes of our famous Shark Tank? Well, here’s your opportunity!

The Golden Nugget’s Box Office is working with the Biology department to give guests an inside peak at the Shark Tank.

Every week, Thursday through Saturday, Golden Nugget Biologists take guests on a behind the scenes tour. Guests get a chance to go above the Shark Tank pool and learn about every fish inside!

You’ll get to see all the equipment that biologists have to use when maintaining the Tank, what types of food the fish eat and so much more.

At the end of the tour, guests leave with a souvenir shark tooth!


Here’s a sneak peak of my adventure in one of the Shark Tank Tours!


Our tour guide, Nicole, is a shark fanatic and knows just about everything there is to know about the amazing creatures in the Tank.

Nicole explained that the biologists dive into the Tank every day to keep is nice and clean. At first, this sounded extremely dangerous swimming around in a tank of sharks, but Nicole described the safety process in which the divers always follow including using diving signals and safety nets.


We then moved on to eating habits. It’s strange to believe so many fish and the sharks live harmoniously within the Tank. According to Nicole, the sharks are pretty picky and your average fish just won’t cut it.

They are served restaurant quality foods twice a week including mullet, shrimp, salmon and squid. Talk about a gourmet meal. The sharks are kept so well fed that they’re too full to even think about bothering any of the other fish.

DSC_0709 DSC_0707

My favorite part of the tour was learning about the sharks personalities. Nicole explained that they biologists do not name the sharks because they are not considered pets. However, a few of the sharks did already come with names.


Monty, for example, is a nurse shark that has been trained to follow signals. He follows red dots placed in the water that direct him to his feeding area. He’s learned that touching the dot means food.

Saxon and Sierra are also an interesting pair. They are the only male and female Zebra sharks in the Tank.

And that was my shark tank tour! Book one for yourself and see what’s swimming around in the Golden Nugget Shark Tank.

Shark Tank

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